When I first met Thomas I was facing so many challenges, weight was just one of them, I was going through a divorce, I worked a crazy work schedule that changed every week and as always I wondered could I afford this! From the first session Thomas offered me a lot of support, he knew I was just starting out in the gym, he knew my schedule and he knew the situation I was going through in my life. He offered support but never excuses, he pushed me and while I was not confident in my own abilities he believed in me and over time my confidence soared; I began to believe in myself and trust myself. Some sessions I wanted to throw weights at him, but I refrained... lol. I trained with Thomas through all the challenges and I lost over 65lbs! I used to have lower back pain when I slept but now with a stronger core, the pain is gone. I'm wearing heels with no pain, I love working out now and did I say, I lost over 65lbs!!