I have had the privileged opportunity to take Hip Hop classes with Brie as my instructor. I have enjoyed dance my entire life, and I am excited to have met someone who has been able to challenge me with new dance moves as well as help me tune up ones I have learned in the past. Brie is an absolute JOY to have class with. She is upbeat, patient, kind, friendly, and always seems to know the right way to explain any dance technique. I have noticed that there are dancers of many different levels in the classes I have taken (from beginner dancers to very experienced) – and Brie makes sure that everyone, no matter their experience level, has a great time and benefits from each class. I would recommend Brie to ANYONE interested in learning how to dance, improve rhythm, fine-tune technique, or anyone who simply wants to have a good time grooving with an awesome, experienced dancer. Brie’s professionalism encourages dedication, her positive attitude encourages smiles, her talent encourages growth, and her sensitivity encourages perseverance. The proof is in the pudding, take ONE class with Brie – and you will most definitely agree with me. Sincerely, Megan Galley