Having MS

Submitted by: Jackie Brand

Mary's Success Story

In 2006, at the age of 60, I joined NPAC. I was reluctant to join, having the mistaken idea that only young, fit people joined gyms and had trainers. However, for several reasons, I was highly motivated to improve/ maintain my strength and fitness and knew that I needed a regular exercise program. Over the previous 18 months I had lost over 65 lbs with the Weight Watcher Program and now needed to tone! I also had been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in ‘95. After using a cane to assist with walking for over 8 years, as unusual as it is, I was feeling stronger, no longer needed the cane and wanted to maintain my strength.

In 2007 I began working with Jackie. Immediately I was happy with my decision to hire a trainer. Knowing that I had MS, Jackie researched the disease and incorporated her newfound knowledge into my workout routine. As I progressed through the training Jackie continued to update her knowledge and brought in new ideas to each training session. At one point I had extensive hand surgery and she was able to adapt my workouts so that I could safely continue despite the disabled hand.

Shortly after I began working with Jackie I started training for a half marathon walk. During the 2 ½ months that I trained, Jackie offered continued support and encouragement, planned the workouts with the walk in mind and even offered to walk with me!

I am extremely lucky to have met and been able to work with Jackie. She is bright, caring and an excellent trainer who goes beyond the “extra mile”.


Mary Before