My training relationship with Heather started with the boxing program for Parkinson's Disease. As a resident of Estero, I was tired of traveling to Ft Myers or Naples for classes and was thrilled when I learned of Heather's program in Estero. ~ ~ The workout (to include boxing) became something I looked forward to each week, not only because I felt better afterwards but because Heather's enthusiasm and positive support made me mentally feel better too. ~ ~ I knew that major back surgery was in my future. I started personal training with Heather for the two months leading up to my surgery. We met 1-2 times per week and did some boxing but primarily worked on core strength to ready me for surgery. ~ ~ The surgery was fusion with a large apparatus and 53 staples. The Doctor told me that it would be 6 -12 months before I'd be back to normal activities and 2-4 weeks with OT and/or PT. ~ ~ At my three-month visit Dr. Colon surprisingly (he gets some credit too) said I was good to go. I reminded him that I hadn't had any home therapy and that it had only been 3 months. He looked me in the eye and said it again, "You're good to go. You can resume ALL normal activities – golf, exercise, boating, etc." I was shocked and asked how that could be and he told me it was because I did the right things BEFORE surgery! My core was strong and that made all the difference. THANK YOU HEATHER! I'm still training with Heather because I want to stay GOOD TO GO.