Getting Lean by Reverse Dieting

Sherry's Success Story

Sherry and I have been working together for quite some time. She had been following a plan to lose weight (not with me) that was successful, but then she decided she wanted to jump right in and do a show. What she found, however, was that she wasn't mentally ready for the competition prep if only because she was ready to have a little more freedom with her foods.

She jumped on board again full throttle in September of 2015 and we reversed dieted her, as she had been maintaining a relatively low calorie and lower carbohydrate intake. Fast forward to March 1 2016. Not only was Sherry shedding body fat with the INCREASE in calories, she was getting strength gains with the weekly workout programs I was creating for her.
I am so proud of Sherry! She has come such a long way with persistence and determination! I am excited to see what her future in fitness will hold!


Sherry Before


Sherry After