Full-Time student learns to choose healthy foods and drops 12% body fat

Submitted by: Mac Dodds

Linsey's Success Story

Linsey is one of my favorite clients of all time and she was nice enough to share her not so unique story with all of you. But that's the kind of person she is, the kind to find the best ways to get healthy and share them with the world. Here are some of her quotes. Thanks Linsey!
"Mac was highly recommended by the gym that I belonged to at the time. When I started to work with him I was about 40 pounds overweight and considered obese. I was embarrassed about my physique, got winded walking up stairs, and my knees hurt all of the time; and I was only 24! My initial goals were to learn how to work out and reach a healthy body composition. Once I reached these goals I continued to see Mac because I was not naturally attracted to exercise. Keeping a weekly appointment with Mac ensured that I had at least one day of fitness, helped me maintain a healthy weight, and I always looked forward to the workout!"

"Mac influenced my awareness and interest in health. We talked about health and all of its forms all the time in sessions. Now, years later, I am a health educator hoping to help people achieve greater levels of health in their life; full circle I guess. "


Linsey Before


Linsey After