From the Track to the Stage

Grace's Success Story

Grace was referred to me in January of this year. She was already an athlete (a sprinter on her college track team) who liked to lift hard and heavy. She decided it would be fun to do a figure show, but she needed guidance when it came to posing and a T-walk.

Grace was (and still is!) one of the most lovely, kind, and enthusiastic people I'd ever met! She was completely excited about her first show, and she had been working out hard and attempting to diet in preparation. Her physique was already solid; her legs and glutes were beautifully shaped as a result of her years of sprinting. However, I could see that she definitely needed growth in her back and shoulders, and she needed to learn how to present herself on stage. We drilled and drilled for the quarter turns, put together a solid, smooth routine, and got her in the right type of suit (she'd purchased a suit made for bikini competitors :-) ).

Her first show was successful! She placed 2nd in her division in the novice class and 5th in her division in the Open! And that was it . . . she was hooked!

She went away for the summer, but when she came back twelve weeks out from the October 20th OCB show, she was ready to get "jacked and tanned." We focused on sculpting her back and shoulders, and pounded her legs to give them more of a "sweep." Most importantly, I FED HER! I raised her calories and carbohydrate intake so that she could fuel her body properly and get stronger and bigger!

Grace's determination, focus, and hard work paid off. In a show filled with tough competition, she placed 2nd in her division in the Novice Class and 2nd in her division in the Open! I was so proud of her, as the women she came in 2nd to had a slight edge over her because of the muscle maturity they showed.

I look forward to working with Grace to prepare for next year! With a whole year ahead of her to mature and grow, I can definitely see a Pro card in her future!


Grace After