From Cheerleader to Mom and back to Cheerleader again

Submitted by: Fred Little

Heather's Success Story

I would like to state how much BodyBFit has been a blessing and answered prayer to me! I could not be happier with Fred's program! Over the years I have tried many "fad diets" with zero success! I have struggled to motivate myself after working all day and being a busy mom of 3 boys to get in my car, go to the gym and workout alone. For the 1st time in my life, I am excited, motivated and can't wait to attend BodyBFit classes! I have been in the program for a month now and I am a changed person. I am far more healthier, way more confident and I am actually forming some pretty cool muscles! Fred is amazing, he pushes you (in a good way) and doesn't give up on you. Even when I didn't believe in myself and didn't think I could run anymore, Fred stopped what he was doing and ran along side me and taught me the "right" way to run. He is a great teacher, motivator and I am now addicted to his 3 day a week Fit Camp in Murphy Creek.... Thank you Fred!!