From Barely Walking to Tire Flips

Submitted by: Marshall Coleman

Ron's Success Story

May 22, 2014

"I am an old geezer that wanted to retire, travel and have good health. But, something happened... When I retired, I was fit as a fiddle, and strong. But, soon after, I started having kidney problems. My kidneys failed and I had to have a transplant. It was the first in a series of health issues. The following year, I had a hernia that was so bad, it almost killed me. Then I had shingles, which cost me my vision in one eye. And, more recently, I have been hospitalized with pneumonia and fallen from a 10' ladder, injuring the muscles that attach to my ribs.
I saw an ad for a gym and decided I wanted to get in shape and regain my health. I accidentally walked into Bodymechanics Fit Body Boot Camp, which was not the place the advertisement was for. But, I toured the facility with Holly and was introduced to Marshall. He explained how Bodymechanics is different from a gym and told me about the Functional Aging Program. He was very straight forward and there was no sales pitch. He told me I would be evaluated and he would work with me to get me from where I am now to where I want to be. He said "I promise" results.
I am writing this recommendation for what has been accomplished in the last few weeks alone. I highly recommend Bodymechanics Functional Aging Classes in Tumwater. This fitness program will get you healthy, comfortably."


Ron Before


Ron After