214-147, in my life I thought I’d never see it. From an 18 to a 8, never thought I’d feel it., wear it, rock it! My life has been transformed. Becoming a goal setter and to make these changes is a life decision. Mishell has taught me, showed me, and definitely made me more aware of how to consider the choice best fit for me. I have truly broken the mold of what I feel like is generation curses of not so good choices when it comes to the one body I have. Because of Mishell, I have learned a way that leads my path to a lifestyle with less knee pain, strength, and with the courage to do more then I ever thought I could. The solid undertakings of things like jumping a box, feeling muscles that had been buried, and many other changes that have ran full circle into the lives of others around me. She saw me, past me, and through me, she knew I could make change happen and she never gave up on me. And for this, I will never forget. Mishell knows how to help. Willingness is all she needs, everything is a process. Trust it.