Friendship as well as Fitness!

Submitted by: Marianne King

Pat's Success Story

You certainly have made a difference in my life! If it wasn't for me reaching out to you nearly 15 years ago to help me with my health and weight, I would not be where I am today. You helped me understand the importance of fitness, not just exercise, as part of one's life, and the importance of nutrition. Over the years, small steps in both directions have made a difference for me. I lost almost 40 pounds and feel better today at 60 than I did in my 40s. You became my health "coach." When you say your business name is "Fitness for Life," you mean it. Thank you for the inspiration and guidance you gave me over all of those years, for sharing our lives and our faith with each other. And thank you for the friendship we forged as a result. I am blessed because of you! Pat Jennette