"Free of the backaches and shoulder problems!"

Submitted by: Steven Costello

Ina's Success Story

Says Ina: For over 60 years I avoided exercise of any kind. When Steve came to Sonata Bay I realized I needed to do something to keep from losing all my strength. My posture was terrible and I had a bad back, legs, and shoulder as well as poor balance. Steve's encouraging words and positive comments gave me the spirit to continue. As I worked I saw such great improvement, I actually began to enjoy working out. People commented on my improved posture and I was free of the backaches and shoulder problems. Steve taught me the correct way to exercise so I wouldn't hurt myself and would get the greatest benefit. I could do all the exercises by myself now, but I know I would find excuses not to do so, and so I continue to work with him and look forward to Steve's encouragement and compliments--and to keeping in shape!


Ina After