Fitness professional needed guidance

Submitted by: Andy Hsieh

Christine's Success Story

I started training with Andy in August of 2016 at the Equinox. I had been doing Pilates and Gyrotonic for over 12 years and felt that after having 2 kids and being over 40 I needed to go to the gym to put on some muscle. As a fitness professional with multiple prior injuries, it was important for me to work with someone who knew what they were doing. For example, I have an old labral tear in my hip joint that was preventing me from doing squats and lunges without pain. Andy has an amazing eye for form and was able to help me slowly break through the stiffness in my hip joint by showing me how to make micro adjustments with my positioning when needed. After working together for about 5 months, in addition to increasing my overall lean muscle percentage, my hip joint is working with a full range of motion without pain and I’m now able to perform deeper squats and lunges. I’m able to be more active and run around freely with my crazy kids now. Andy pays great attention to detail, has an excellent work ethic, and stays focused with you during the entire session. He gives the right amount of push while keeping you safe without re-injury. Thanks Andy!

Christine Wue