Finding Energy and a Healthier way to eat!

Submitted by: Cheryl McDermott

Amy's Success Story

When Amy started training with Cheryl McDermott last July, Cheryl increased her strength training & guided her to an improved eating plan that included plenty of protein, more vegetables, eliminating simple carbohydrates, & drinking lots of water. Amy feels better, stronger, & is enjoying the benefit of a solid 10+ pound weight loss & clothes that fit and look much better.

What I've learned:

Timing is key. Eat something before & eat protein at least 90 minutes after a workout. I was not giving myself the fuel I needed for energy & good health.
Abs are made in the kitchen! Exercise is critical, but a good eating plan is too.
Never underestimate your need for plain old water and a good nights' sleep.
Mix it up! If you have a limited amount of time, choose weight training over cardio. We lose muscle as we age. Yoga is good medicine for body & spirit.
That glass or two of wine? I don't really need it. Once in a while, but that's it.

Biggest challenges & how you overcame them:

Shopping & cooking for one since my husband passed away in 2013. Rather than play it by chance I now make a plan & shop for a variety of fresh veggies, fruit, plain yogurt, and chicken, turkey, fish, beans, and nuts.
I need to grab & go, so I try to prep food for the week in advance. I wash & cut up veggies so they're ready for cooking, make egg "muffins" for a quick protein boost, and make a big batch of steel-cut oatmeal and keep it in the fridge.

Most helpful element:

Having to be accountable and having great trainer! Although weight loss was not my primary goal, knowing I'm checking in with Cheryl on Mondays keeps me in control. She has been so supportive, always.

How I feel:

Much, much better. My energy level and stamina are up and I'm sleeping better. And it always feels good to fit in those jeans. I've discovered some great recipes and found I enjoy cooking!


Amy After