"Feeling – and looking – 20 years younger!"

Submitted by: Steven Costello

Ralph's Success Story

“Two years ago it occurred to me that I had adopted the practice of using my left hand to help push myself up as I got out of the car! My legs had become weak over time; I hadn’t noticed it, but there was proof positive. At 72, I was still a young and active man – able to play golf, bowl, and toss a football with my grandsons – but I realized that my body had lost strength and tone.
Steve Costello conducted a thorough evaluation of my situation, and slowly and patiently, with ever-present encouragement, enabled me to regain significant muscle tone throughout my body. He taught me about the importance of warming up, using the right weights for shaping muscles and strengthening joints, and how to tie in my eating – the content and timing of small meals – for maximum strength and health. Having followed his system for 20 months, I now find myself jumping out of the car like I did when I was in my 30’s as well as feeling – and looking – 20 years younger!”


Ralph After