I want to thank Heidi Oliver (Move-Fit) for being my personal fitness trainer the past few years. Heidi has helped me recover from two knee surgeries as well as broken wrists, and I couldn't have made such a great recovery without her fitness plan for me to gain back the strength, balance, flexibility and cardio I've needed for the physical endurance of searching in deep woods and mountains looking for lost people, as I volunteer on the Maine Search and Rescue Dog team (MESARD.org). Thanks to Heidi's help, I was physically able to endure harsh conditions of 3 days searching for a 77 year old woman who went missing in the woods of Waterford, ME. In the morning of the third day, under tremendous heat and humidity with very little wind, I was assigned a steep hillside, we ascended over 500 feet in the thick wooded remote area, until my search dog Kobuk found her alive at 9:27am 7/9/2014. -Elizabeth Fossett of York, ME Search Dog Handler, MESARD