Where do I start? Mishell was amazing at listening to what I needed and what I was trying accomplish. She told me what was expected of me and we would build from there. Within in 2 months I lost between 21 and 24 lbs. Mishell was patient and she was very serious about my health. When something wasn't working she made sure to speak to me about it and changed my plain accordingly and I had access to her when I needed to contact her. She NEVER made me feel like a failure and she NEVER made feel like I was wasting her time. She let me know, she would release you from the program if I wasn't serious. There was a time I didn't lose any weight for a minute. I was the one who said... "DON'T kick me out" her response was I'm not I know you are giving it your all and she was right, so I made sure to keep my promise to her and be open and honest about what I was doing and what I ate. The biggest thing Mishell did for me was show me how to eat and from there my weight started falling off of me. It wasn't an easy journey, but her guidance and support made it worth it and easy.