Doing what the Doctor Said

Submitted by: Sharon Senner

John's Success Story

Never really had any personal trainers in my life before. Either coaches in sports, or drill instructors in the military. Ended up being fit enough for the functions I performed and had the strength, both mentally and physically, to overcome any and all obstacles. Well that was my first 50 years and am now out of the military.

When I reached 55 years of age, began dealing with tons of other stressful situations, and that caused me to put on the pounds to 275. I then decided to lose weight; and got to 250 on doing what I've always done. I went to the doctor for an ingrown toenail, only to find out that I am now a Type 2 diabetic. Talk about being blown away!

Well I worked out harder, and got to 220 pounds, only to have one clinician tell me that I will get worse with diabetes and placed me on insulin. Well, suffice to say, that did not work, but made the diabetes worse. Found another clinician that worked with my doctor and began controlling my diabetes to good, almost normal, blood glucose numbers. Unfortunately, these new medications also caused weight gain, and I went up to 240 pounds, which to me was a self-defeating process, or fulfillment of that other clinician. Discussed with the doctor and clinician regarding what I can do. They responded to either work out at their facilities, which did not work with my work schedule, or join a gym elsewhere.

So I searched and joined a gym. There I met Sharon Senner, who later became my personal trainer. At first, I did my own thing, and having slight success doing so. Then I discussed with Sharon on what to do. At this time I was 245 pounds and gaining. Sharon told me what I was not doing exercises correctly, and pointed out examples of others who didn't, as well as those who did. But then she informed me that hope is not loss, but I must be willing to follow her guidance. And so I started having a personal trainer named Sharon.

Well, in a period of just over 6 months, I lost weight, and weighed 230 pounds. Then Sharon challenged me to join a contest ( and still does with many other types of contests / activities ) to lose weight, as well as gain insightful methods in healthier activities and challenges. And with her guidance on diet regarding portions of carbs, fats, and proteins ( not necessarily what to eat ), as well as exercise, I went within 3 months from 230 to 195 pounds, a 45 pound weight loss, or 15 pounds per month.

My next visit to the clinician and doctor had them decide to reduce my diabetic medications, with two of the three that caused weight gain since my blood glucose numbers were excellent. And by February, instead of July as determined, I no longer needed the third medication that caused weight gain since my blood glucose numbers were in the normal range again. Suffice to say I cannot wait for mid – July to be off all diabetic medications, and have the diabetes reversed.

Though the contest was over, I began adding to the exercises and diet regimen, and continued to lose weight to 185 pounds within two months. Again, providing good guidance, Sharon as a personal trainer had me restructure my exercise routines before reaching “Burn Out” by overdoing things. Wise advice, as I began not being able to perform the exercises due to overdoing them.

While we have determined long term goals, Sharon, my personal trainer, in concert with my clinician and doctor, and I, as well as how soon to I could reach them. Both the doctor and clinician are overjoyed at my progress, and I am liking it as well. Honestly, without Sharon's help and guidance, I probably still would not be anywhere near 200 pounds let alone seeking new weight and health goals. And once I achieve these goals, I know I will be retaining Sharon to learn new methods and exercises as well as maintaining a proper / holistic attitude towards a healthier lifestyle.

Another sage advice Sharon provided is that your muscles get used to an exercise routine and need to change these routines to see further progress. This is especially helpful for diabetics as one needs to work other muscles to help lower one's blood sugars appropriately, as well as reapportion one's body fat to prevent further difficulties. Yeah, I am keeping this gem of a personal trainer on my side. Recommend Sharon? YES, highly recommend as she gets to the crux of your issues, and will help you out, if your are willing to receive her help.
John Christian


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