Debilitating Leg/Several Surgeries: Success Story

Submitted by: Kisar Dhillon

Steffi's Success Story

Kisar Dhillon is a Master Personal Trainer. His work ethic, knowledge and extraordinary caliber of dedication motivates your own personal work out ethics. After a debilitating leg injury requiring several surgeries, Kisar and I worked over 5 years with physical therapists and others to build a program to strengthen and rebuild my body. In the beginning he taught me how to roll into a fall, as the injury weakened muscles and I fell a lot. Kisar customized plans for balance, weight training of upper and lower body sequences, and varied equipment and timed intervals so I could achieve a 5 year goal to participate in my first 5K run. Accomplished! Most importantly Kisar taught me how to stand proudly through his motivation, humor and infectious positivity. My doctors repaired my leg. Kisar partnered with me to build skills and strengthen my resolve to become whole again. Priceless.