Debbie is a top-notch results oriented personal trainer

Submitted by: Debbie Russell

Steve G.'s Success Story

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

“Debbie is a top-notch results oriented personal trainer. I had the honor to train under her direction for two years. During this time I was able to accomplish several milestones as a result of Debbie’s guidance. She created several training programs which I followed. The end results were upper/lower body strength increases, weight/fat loss, increased flexibility and stronger endurance. Debbie has a vast array of talent and knowledge for resistance training, group exercise, martial arts/kickboxing, TRX (suspension training) and flexibility training. She is very communicative during while training and provides positive reinforcement. She also charts results and adds progression to enable me to challenge myself beyond my comfort zone.”
June 29, 2011

**from my LinkedIn Recomendations