Submitted by: Jo Scattergood

Morgan's Success Story

I first met Jo in 2002.  Jo has always had a knack for being great at everything she does.  Being a personal trainer is no exception.  Her reputation is one of patience and an ability to effectively tailor a workout that works for "you."  Between September 2009 and April 2010 I dropped my weight from 255 pounds to 175 pounds.  I had done this rapid drop multiple times before, only to gain it back, usually quicker than it was lost. There is no way at 33 that I am going to let that happen again.  I needed a new life pattern and a new knowledge on how to make this happen.  Jo was my ticket. I have
maintained my weight, increased my tone, and shredded my body fat due to Jo's plan in a period of 9 months.  Jo is a winner!