Client Spotlight - Couples Train Together

Submitted by: Janice Balmer

Elaine and John's Success Story

A little background - As Elaine explains "I used to take Janice's Zumba classes regularly. I retired and was dancing several times a week. But after a few years, an existing back issue flared, prohibiting me from dancing. Coincidentally, I had been wanting John (who still works full time) to engage in some regular exercise, other than walking. We decided to try training with Janice together.

What was your health challenge? - John: "As a practicing attorney, I spend a lot of time at my desk, pouring over files and my computer. I have had rounded shoulders since birth! But an autoimmune condition and 30 years of inactivity made even a long walk a challenge. Also, my gardening became more limited. I needed to take a bold step, and Janice's customized training for 67 year olds was just right.

Elaine: When my recurring back problem was aggravated by developing arthritis in my hip I decided to address these issues by adding strength training to my daily walking exercise. I figured, correctly, that core strength and balance/agility exercises would be beneficial - and they have been, not only for me but for John also. John takes pride in being able to hold a "plank" longer than I can, but I have much better balance. You can see that there is friendly spousal competition in our sessions.

How did Janice help? John: Although I nicknamed Janice "Natasha" for pushing me to my limits, she has a great sense of arranging a new routine every week and encourages us to reach further all of the time. Her program has made a big difference in how much better I feel every day.

Elaine: Janice is an astute observer and is quick to modify an exercise when she sees that we are struggling. On the other hand, she doesn't let us off the hook. When I had to give up Zumba I not only missed dancing, but I missed the fun and enthusiasm that Janice brought to each class. I've recaptured that feeling in our training sessions. Our hour of training goes by too quickly. In fact, we've talked about adding a second training day if John can fit it into his schedule. Right now we train at 7 am, giving us a good start to the day, with the added bonus of greeting the Balmer boys as they wake up.


Elaine and John After