Christy is the October Client of the Month not only because she is so awesome and fun to have in class but most importantly she does EVERTHING RIGHT and therefore she is someone to learn from - so read and learn ... Christy took her "First Class Free" on December 10, 2014 - a 5:30 AM class - and she has been a rockstar ever since. Some months Christy buys a 10-class pack and other months when she knows she can CRUSH IT - she purchases the unlimited class pack. Then she BOOKS HER CLASSES OUT. She books some 5:30 AM classes for those busy days so she is sure to get it done, and she books a few 8:30 or 9:30 AM classes throughout the week to mix it up. Christy is a busy mom - she has two young kids and she works part-time, but she makes time for herself, and it shows in her fit body and her fabulous smile! As of today, Christy has taken 85 classes at HG. Christy mixes it up every week taking different formats and she was outside "In the Park" this Summer working hard and having fun. Here is what Christy has to say ... 1. What do you like the most about Barre, Tabata, and Kettlebell classes? "I can honestly say I like them all for different reasons. I love that Tabata class challenges me to push beyond my limits. You are wiped out when you are done but it is a good wiped out. Kettlebell is a similar feeling. I feel strong when I am swinging a kettlebell. It is amazing how much you can accomplish in just 45 minutes. I love Barre because it is so misleading. You think hard can that be? I am sweaty and work muscles I would normally forget about. Barre is a great balance of strength with cardio. It is a great bang for your buck strength class and you don't even realize you are doing strength training. In fact, that is what I like about all HG classes...they don't feel like exercise yet you work your entire body no matter what class you choose." 2. What is your typical weekly fitness routine? "This is a hard question because every week or every few weeks I am rearranging my routine based on my schedule/working/kids etc. I try to do something active everyday. Whether is is a formal class or just getting my shoes on and going for a walk or run. I still have a "gym" membership mostly for the step aerobic classes I still attend regularly 2x/week. I also aim for least 1 barre class in a week and kettlebell/tabata (the high calorie burn classes) at least twice a week. Mixing it up is the best advice HG gives it's clients. It prevents boredom both in mind and body." 3. What helps you to be consistent in attending classes regularly? "Putting it on my calendar and planning the week before what I am going to do for the week to get my exercise into my schedule. Sometimes that means having to do a 5:30 AM class if I have a conflict. I also find the earlier I get my work out in the more likely I am to follow through. I also love group exercise. Since college I have been doing group exercise classes and I find having a class time and commitment keeps me more accountable. My suggestion is to find a time/class and literally put it on your calendar. I love that the Heather's Gym App lets me add a reminder onto my calendar." 4. How did you make 5:30 AM classes part of your routine? "It sounds early but my kids start school at 7:30 AM so we have to get up between 6:15-6:30 AM anyway so really it is only an hour earlier than I would normally have to wake up. If 5:30 AM is the only time I can fit in that day or I really like the class, it is worth it. When you get it done early you have the whole day ahead." 5. What goals have you set for yourself for this Fall and as we head into the holiday season? "The first is everything in moderation. I am horrible at "dieting." I just try to make healthy choices but don't deprive myself. I especially like my red wine! I cannot give up foods I like and with the holiday season approaching it is hard not to overindulge. I always remind myself that one day of not so good eating/drinking red wine does not define a lifestyle and just try and get back on track the next day. The second is to just stay active. Keep booking classes and attending even as the schedule gets booked and the weather makes you just want to curl up inside.Thanks HG for all you do! You help me feel fit and strong." - Christy Stowe Thank YOU Christy for inspiring others! Keep up the GREAT work!