Cindy is a 55 year old cutie who worked too much and didn't focus one bit on her health or weight. At 5'2", she had gone from a healthy 130# to an unhealthy 160+ pounds. She ate just one (1) pre-packaged salad ALL DAY and rarely ate a full and balanced meal at dinner. After showing her what was actually in that salad (50+ items we couldn't even pronouce together) and educating her on healhy food choices and balancing her food intake throughout the day (even snacks), we re-ignited her metabolism! Without any significant exercise, Cindy has dropped an amazing 25 pounds and is feeling terrific! I also encouraged her to make use of spare time – i.e. waiting for the toast to cook – arm circles, leg raises, etc. Now that she is feeling lighter with more energy she is super motivated and ready to make fitness a part of her lifestyle and tackle those remaining stubborn pounds. With motivation and education, she has made significant healthy changes in her life and all the 'big' clothes have been donated. Just one example of how small changes can have huge a effect on your physical and wellbeing.