"Cheating Death Time & Time Again"

Submitted by: Shawn Jauz

Shawn's Success Story

After being diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis in 1999, I battled the disease with medications for one year, but unfortunately, the treatment proved unsuccessful. In 2000, I had a total colectomy (removal of entire large intestine and rectum, with formation of a new rectum called a "J-Pouch" which is made from a portion of the small intestine) which is the surgical procedure for those which medication does not help. This is a two-part surgical procedure with part one completing the above mentioned. I wore a colostomy bag for three months while my newly created rectal pouch healed. After the three months, you then go back for what is known as a "Drop-In" procedure, where they remove your colostomy bag and connect your ileostomy to your new rectum. It was during this procedure where I experienced many complications. The surgeon unknowingly perforated my small intestine as well as bisecting my prostate and it elevated and lodged itself into my diaphragm. I became septic from peritonitis a total of seven different times over 70+ days in the hospital. After the third round, I went into a coma and the doctors gave me no chance of living. I was out of town having this procedure, and my mother was the only one there with me. The doctors told my mother I would not live through the night and that if I had loved ones that needed to say their goodbyes, they needed to get to Dallas Texas immediately. My daughter was six months old at the time, and my mother had a friend of hers drive her to see me in the hospital. I was still alive and I was still in a coma when my daughter arrived. I was told they put her in the bed with me, and by the grace of God, I came out of my coma the very next day. To this day, my surgeons still cannot believe I survived that horrible nightmare. The only thing that they could attribute to my survival was that I was so physically fit before that procedure. I went into that procedure weighing 185 pounds, and after the 70+ days in the hospital I weighed a feeble 70 pounds. I am so grateful to be alive, that it is my mission to make out of shape people want to get fit and to learn not to take their health for granted.


Shawn Before


Shawn After