Bootcamp was her dream and it came true!

Submitted by: Sue D'Alonzo

Lisa's Success Story

I have known Lisa for over twenty years. She had yo yo dieted for many of them and never considered exercising. She started with Pinole Valley Bootcamp in June of 2010. She has only missed a few sessions, but in that time she has lost over 50 pounds, has increased her muscle tone, developed her cardiovascular system and has decreased her waist and hip measurements. Although she really hates bootcamp, she adheres to our program. It's tough but it works. It's mindless. Just come ready to workout. Sharon and I provide an intense one hour full body bootcamp. Each workout is different. We have been training for over 60 years combined so we really know how to push, challenge and motivate.
Lisa also is a member of Weight Watchers, she rides her bike and walks her dog!


Lisa Before


Lisa After