Betsy Has lost 40lbs in 1 year!!

Submitted by: Ryan Bloor

Betsy's Success Story

Over the last year my life has changed for the better. I was at the doctor one day and she told me that I have early arthritis in my hip. I was 32. Far too early to be developing arthritis! I have been overweight all my life but never have I been told that I needed to lose weight before. It was quite a blow. The thing is that I’ve never seen myself as overweight. I’ve simply seen myself as someone who needed to lose some weight. I decided to make a major change. I decided I wasn’t going to fool around with weight loss anymore. I joined a gym and got a trainer. I consider myself lucky to have met Ryan when I did. He has been supportive in my fitness and weight loss unlike anyone else in my life. He helped me lose 40lbs in the last year and 6% of my body fat. I am now able to deadlift 170lbs. I’m running for the first time in my life and training for my first 5k this summer. I’ve also gone from a size 22/24 to a 12 which has been very good for my self-esteem. I haven’t been a size 12 in the last 10 years. The rise in my self-esteem has enabled me put myself out there and socialize with new people. I love that my social life hasn’t had to be put on hold during the last year. If anything it has gotten more active.

While working with Ryan my goals have changed significantly. I now understand the benefits of clean eating (though it’s a struggle at times), weekly exercise and better choices when eating out. Protein has become an important part of my daily eating. It helps get my metabolism going and with cleaner eating I have more energy at work and in my off time. I have struggled with compulsive overeating for the last 11 years but with Ryan’s help we have put together a comprehensive eating and exercise plan that has helped curb the anxiety that triggers my overeating. It is a good feeling to be doing something positive about that. I’m not going to say that it has all been easy or that my weight loss has always been linear. It hasn’t. I can say that I feel like I will be able to use the tools I have learned from Ryan to maintain a healthier lifestyle for years to come. Again, I feel that I’m lucky to have met him. I recommend him to all of my friends and hand out business cards to everyone who asks me how I’ve lost so much weight. He is there for me when I have questions or needs motivation. He’s right there via email or text every time giving good advice and being support. He lets me go at my own place and I strive to push myself. I’m doing this for me not for anyone else and seeing the results of all my hard work makes me proud. Ryan’s a good man, an excellent trainer and mentor in my journey.


Betsy Before


Betsy After