Being my best possible self

Submitted by: Shlomo Fishman

's Success Story

I worked out with Shlomo Fishman this summer (2013), and I wanted to write in and attest to how enjoyable and productive our sessions were each time we met. Shlomo always targeted our workouts to meet my specific goals, and I could see consistent and definite progress every few days. He is clearly extremely knowledgeable and took the time to explain why we were doing each exercise and exactly how it would benefit me. Not only do I feel like I physically improved, but I know that I learned a great deal from him as well. He was always cheerful and happy, and no matter my mood when I walked into the gym, he could always get me focused and on task with positive encouragement and enthusiastic advice. I very strongly recommend Shlomo to anyone who is looking for a personal trainer, and I consider him a tremendous asset to your gym. No matter where I may come back and live in the future in DC, I would rejoin the Gallery Place WSC just to be able to work out with Shlomo again. I cannot recommend him highly enough.