Before, During, and After BABY!

Submitted by: Jo Scattergood

Maryanne's Success Story

Working out with Jo has been such a wonderful experience! She has kept me motivated and taught me how to target all of the major muscles in my weight routine. I turned to personal training the month before I became pregnant, with the intention of staying active with a safe routine during my pregnancy. Jo continually created fun routines that matched my changing physical ability. Thanks to her, I was in the gym until days before I delivered and truly believe staying active helped me with a speedy recovery.

     After the baby was born, I continued working out with Jo and have lost all 32 pounds of my pregnancy weight. I'd like to lose a few more pounds and am relying on the variety of exercises Jo gave me to help me reach that goal. In addition to the weight loss, my endurance during cardio has improved. I used to choose machines other than the treadmill because running was too challenging, but now I am able to run several miles and feel great! I have a renewed love for working out and confidence in doing so. Thanks Jo!