I changed my exercise routine, as well as diet and results came in less than a year. It was not overwhelming hard, but not easy-breezy either. It took dedication, drive and an optimistic attitude! Weight-loss and toning, better diet and healthier lifestyle take time. It doesn't occur overnight. I can still eat a lot of what I love, but it all about portion control, reading the packages and a lot of homemade/all-natural cooking. I still give in a bit to my craving of sweets and chips, but in moderation. I happen to love fruits, veggies, whole grains, chicken and seafood; making it a lot easier to accomplish my goals. Don't forget the water! It is so important. Besides a bit of coffee in the a.m. and tea in the p.m. I'm a water-holic. Makes a huge difference. Just get off the couch and move around! My rule - at least 15-20 minutes of activity a day if I can't get in my normal workout. It is as simple as walking your dog or dancing with your kids. Mix it up or YOU WILL get bored. My typical workout schedule is yoga two days a week, Zumba two days a week and walk/run combinged with some weights one or two days a week. Makes it interesting and I am more likely to actually work out. Listen to your body! Take it from me - don't work out if you are sick or overly sore. You are doing yourself a huge disservice. Trust me! Just take it easy and drink more water. Limit it to a walk or mello bike ride. Don't forget to stretch. A decent warm-up, stretch, cool down and stretch is key to avoiding injury and unncessary durress. Pretty soon, you only work out three to four days a week to maintain and any extra is a body bonus for you! Your body will look and feel so much better, plus you will have more energy! I lost 4 dress sizes, 20 pounds and several inches by sticking to my plan! Keep a journal of what you eat/drink and another for your fitness regime. It really helps you keep you on track. Be sure to note your successes as well and always remember it takes time to get in better shape! You can do it and I'm living proof!