Baren is her workout buddy

Client: Kim

I started working with Kim at the beginning of 2013. Her main goal was to "learn how to exercise", her ultimate goal is to lose 150 pounds. In the first four weeks, Kim lost 20 pounds. She has been using Myfitnesspal, a pedometer and walking her beautiful dog more than ever. With walking Baren, Kim has increased her daily step count to 9500, with every intention of hitting that 10,000 step minimum a day count. She is enthusiastic, determined, and motivated to make her lifestyle change a forever endeavor. Kim has shown me that she really wants this, she is going to be successful because she is setting herself up for success. Kim has reduced her waist by 3.5 inches and as of Feb. 28 has lost another 4 pounds, she has worked very hard for this! To date, July 1, Kim has lost a total of 40 pounds!