I love to exercise. I would consider it my hobby. I like the natural high it provides and gravitate towards group fitness classes for the social aspect. I started attending Heather’s group fitness classes a few years ago at a commercial gym. I enjoyed her classes because I could tell that she planned the workouts in advance. She focused on good form and alignment and always offered modifications for those with concerns. After tearing my Achilles tendon on the ‘warped wall’ at a trampoline park, I enlisted Heather’s help to keep my body strong and spirits up. Early on, I couldn’t do much with my lower body so we focused on upper body and core strength . As I progressed in physical therapy sessions, Heather began to incorporate lower body exercises into my personal training sessions. We also worked on balance, flexibility and myofascial release. Overall, my physical therapist was impressed with my progress and I was released to continue on my own after 8 weeks. I was not quite 100% but walking in sneakers with a slight limp and allowed to participate in low impact activities (i.e. walking, biking, aqua). Soon thereafter, Heather began to ramp up my workouts and I rejoined group fitness classes. My physician estimated 6 -12 months before I would be back to normal but was quite impressed with my progress on my last visit. I was given the okay to pursue my normal fitness routine as long as I honored my body and it had only be 6 months. Heather played a big role in keeping me positive and helping me through the recovery process. I don’t think I would have made the progress I did without her support. The body is amazing. With the proper care, nutrition and attitude, full recovery is possible!