Back on the Running Wagon

Client: Cindi

All I can say is, "Amazing!" Training with Kaylin has been one of the best choices in my life. You see, I was blaming my weight gain and lack of strength on my hysterectomy, but the reality was that it was a direct result of my fear and lack of knowledge. I was afraid that exercise and nutritional changes would be too hard for me and I lackedĀ  the knowledge and confidence to change that on my own. So, I went to Kaylin -frightened, awkward, and insecure. I also arrived committed to making a change. Kaylin met me where I was physically and mentally. She assessed my abilities and my goals and designed a program that was fun (yes I said fun!), challenging, and understandable. After 5 sessions, I feel better than I have in a long time and have surpassed a goal that I truly thought was unachievable. You see I had been running for 9 years and was systematically getting slower and weaker. I settled on a goal that kept me slow. I told myself that if I could just continue to run a 5K in a time that was lower than my age, I would be satisfied. Unfortunately, at 47 years, I certainly achieved it. In fact my best had become "pushing" to get under 40 minutes - yes, the speed walkers were breezing past me! Then I put my trust in my trainer and have dropped almost 5 inches and 6 minutes! AND...I am strong, I am confident - I am thankful!! To borrow Kaylin's words - I feel "like a boss!" Cindi Raymond :-)