Awesome Trainer & Very Encouraging

Client: Grace

I've been training with Edoardo for the last 20 months and I have had and continue to have a really great experience. He is really friendly, knowledgeable and tough (but encouraging!).He really knows what he's doing. After almost two years, my work-outs continue to remain challenging and varied and never boring or repetitive. To be honest, I didn't think I'd stick with the personal training as long as I have, but he has made me stronger, more active in other pursuits, and makes me feel better, so how could I not?? (I went from not being able to do any push-ups or pull-ups to being able to do both -- well, at least one pull-up! (albeit, begrudgingly...)) I highly recommend Edoardo to anyone who wants to get more fit and hot! :-) Grace