Auntie loves fitness

Submitted by: Justin Rogers

Rachel T's Success Story

Justin's family and mine have been really good friends for many years, a friendship that's more like some family you get to choose, which is how I earned the affectionate title as Justin's aunt Rachel.
Knowing about my frustrations of physical limitations and health issues, Justin suggested that we could work together, be workout buddies. For me, it might mean feeling better, maybe a little stronger, more energy. And although Justin said it could help to hone his skills in helping those with limitations, I'm pretty sure that in his generosity, he just wanted to help me, while leaving my pride intact.
His passion for the gym is no secret, and seeing how skillfully he'd sculpted his own body's definition, it took very little convincing for me to try.
So what exactly is a personal trainer? To be honest, and more than a little ashamed, I'd always considered them to be those pretty, decorative people at the gym, who, while most helpful in learning the equipment, were more about bringing in new business.
Talk about misconception!! The amount of knowledge regarding the body's parts, musculature, systems, interactions, and function that is required to become licensed as a personal trainer is extremely difficult and frankly, would intimidate a "brainy" peron like me. So, my sincere apologies to all you beautiful, extremely smart, personal trainers out there, for my silly preconceived notions about what it is that you do. The difference between wandering around the gym, trying to decide which machines might work for you, and having a knowledgeable trainer tailor-fit a program just for you, is like the difference between traveling in a cattle car or going first class.
I believe that training for over 30 years with one of the most highly respected karate Sensei's in NY makes me a pretty good judge of teaching skills. So aside from the required learned skills, I've found Justin's patience, dedication and most importantly his intuitiveness, as to just how far to push, to be his natural gifts that will take him far in his chosen career and life in general. And while he is very serious about helping me accomplish the most that I can, there is no doubt in the fun and pleasure he gets from my every success.
So after 6 months of working with Justin, do I now look like a 20 year old model? I'm afraid that miracle would require a plastic surgeon with magical powers. Besides, it's not what this 65 year old grandmother was looking for. I will tell you that I've cut my diabetes and arthritis meds by half. I've regained most of my lost flexibility. I feel toned, love the way my clothes fit, there is now a bounce to my step and with each physical challenge that I conquer, I feel elated. Working out with Justin has also relieved some depression issues that were weighing me down. It's impossible to be depressed after working out for an hour in an atmosphere of achievement, pampering and kick-ass fun.
If you have any questions about my experience in working with Justin, please feel free to contact me at
If you're considering this positive adventure in self improvement, I strongly recommend that you go for it"!
As Justin says "you deserve it".
Aunt Rachel


Rachel T Before


Rachel T After