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Submitted by: Beth Harris

Trey's Success Story

Take a look at Treys first picture. Believe it or not he was that tight.

Initially I began working with Trey's mother, Leigh Ann. Several months later Trey severely strained his right hamstring and had to come out of football. I encouraged Leigh Ann to see an Orthopedic Doc. Both Ortho, and Physical Therapy docs couldn't believe how tight Trey was, and both offered no help as to a solution to his problem.
Trey started working with me 10/2/11. After only 2 weeks of ARP training and a football/inseason supplemental strength and conditioning program Trey increased his hamstring flexibility by 2 inches, noticed a considerable difference in his stride length speed. We are now 8 weeks out and Trey has not only successfully rehabilitated his hamstring injury he has dramatically increased his low back and hamstring flexibility and strength, increased strength speed and agility, and has gained 5 pounds in muscle.

Trey is continuing with his strength and conditioning, and we're expecting big things from him in the 800m this spring.


Trey Before


Trey After

Beth Harris

Verified Cert/Training