"At the age of 76, I feel better than I did at 68!"

Submitted by: Steven Costello

Helen's Success Story

Says Helen: When I was about 40 I began to see negative changes in my body. I had always been slim, if not skinny, and never had a weight problem. Now I saw a few bulges and often felt a loss of energy. I joined a gym recommended by a friend and expected to see great improvement. At my first visit I was signed up by an enthusiastic cheerleader type and turned loose on the machinery. I had no clue what to do so I watched others and tried to imitate their movements. I went home sore and mystified. After the first month I decided my money and time was being wasted and I never returned. A teacher myself, I knew that I had not been taught a thing.

My second experience was in Sonata Bay, a small senior community with a well equipped exercise room. A trainer had become part of the program, thanks to the intervention of the President of the Board. He was available for a reasonable fee to structure personalized training regimens for those who wished to retain him. Remembering my previous experience, I visited the room while Steve was instructing a friend and saw that he was engaged and alert to each client’s needs for the entire hour. I noticed that he suggested specific behaviors to correct problems, was non-judgmental and friendly, tailoring the instruction to each client’s own needs. He kept running records, threw in diet tips and breathing clues, and had a VERY POSITIVE ATTITUDE. He was a cheerleader too, but he cheered the positive things he observed and helped us to remember them. I have worked out with Steve for eight years, and now at the age of 76, I feel better than I did at 68!


Helen After