At the age of 65 he's considered a Healthy Male for the first time in his life!

Submitted by: Sue D'Alonzo

Max's Success Story

I received a call February 21, 2011 from a person wanting personal training. He was referred by another client so I felt comfortable scheduling an initial consult the following week.
Max is a 66 year old attorney: morbidly obese: diabetic, a candidate for gastric bypass, which his doctor was recommending, hypertensive: sedentary and unfit. We met for 90 minutes and discussed his intentions. Once I got medical clearance we went to work. Max is 5'5 and weighed 223 pounds, his waist was 47 inches. We trained at his home three times a week for almost one year. On the days we didn't train Max would do the workout I prescribed. Today Max weighs 186.4 his waist is 41 ish and his doctors are amazed at how far he's come. His blood pressure is normal, his blood sugar is under control, his energy level has increased dramatically, his mood is elevated, he can play with is grandaughters and not get tired, his muscle tone is significant, his dedication to himself is noticable, he's gone down multiple sizes in his clothing, and he continues to fine tune his eating habits.
His next goal is to lose 10 more pounds, which he can and will do.
We now train two times a week, he works out really hard and has an amazing attitude.
He is now focusing on tracking his food and curbing eating at night. His family has shown so much support and encouragement throughout the past year and a half that I know Max knows he will achieve his ultimate goal.
Max had a doctors appointment recently, September of 2012, his doctor said basically he had saved his own life by pursuing physical activity, that his cholesterol was very great, she reduced his medication again, he is taking one pill for his diabetes instead of 3. His doctor doesn't need to see Max again for another year!
Just think what would happen to our health care system if everyone took care of themselves!


Max Before


Max After