Amy Katz testimonial

Submitted by: Jeffrey Butler

's Success Story

"I didn't like him much in the beginning because he challenged me in ways my mind and body didn't want to do. Exercise, eating healthy, and stopping smoking was always highly overrated in my eye...or so I told myself. Jeff has always been positive, encouraging, and extremely motivating. He has pushed and challenged me in all the right ways to act and think differently. I went from barely able to walk steps for more than 30 seconds to walking, running, stepping, jumping, hopping, kicking, biking, punching, rowing, skipping and any other way I didn't think I could do for an hour. Not to mention....he has consistently been supportive and successful in influencing me to quit smoking and have lost 30 lbs so far. I went from being a complete couch potato and getting winded just putting my shoes on to a constant, non-stop, always on the go, tons of energy ever ready bunny.....Jeff has been a huge part in changing my mindset from stuck and depressed to a tenacious, never quit mindset."
Amy Katz