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A personal journey

Submitted by: Debra Williams

Debra's Success Story

I was at one time, 50 pounds overweight with high cholesterol and borderline high blood pressure.

After discovering the benefits of hiring a personal trainer to customize exercises for me and recommend a steady fitness and healthy eating schedule, not only did I lose weight, my physical strength and overall well-being improved.

In addition, I have kept the unhealthy weight off and I did not have to take any medication. I was so inspired by my personal training experience, I become a personal trainer! Now I help others get healthier and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Are you looking for a little motivation to improve your health with weight loss, nutrition, and exercise? Look no further. I can help you.

Do you need to: start a fitness program, restart your fitness program, or rethink your fitness program and make it better than before...and get results? Contact me....

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Debra After