6 Week Start Moving Fitness and Lifestyle Challenge!


I recently had the privilege to create a 6 week Fitness and Lifestyle Challenge for some members of the local Solon Early Childhood PTA. The challenge was to encourage healthy eating and exercise habits, as well as to make a mind/body connection with themselves for overall wellness. Their dedication to the program was unbelievable! I never imagined how much they gained both physically and mentally from their experiences. Guess what these women lost and found during this process? LOST: Several pounds, inches, body fat, fears about strength training, negative self-thoughts, poor eating habits, excuses for not exercising. FOUND: Healthy eating and exercise habits, energy, new friendships, confidence, strength, support, motivation, connection to mind/body, fun and encouragement to keep going! I am so proud of this group of women! Here's what members had to say about the Start Moving Fitness and Lifestyle 6 week challenge: "I cannot thank you enough for this opportunity! I'm so thankful I took advantage of the fitness challenge while having the year off work. I am moving everyday and making healthier food choices. I've lost weight, feel stronger and so much more!" --Melissa Buettin "I'm grateful for each and every one of you in this group for standing up for yourself and joining this challenge. For all the motivation I gained from being in it together with you... I feel I gained in mind, body and spirit these last 6 weeks and probably body the least. I not only challenged myself but I learned what my excuses are and that I can choose to give them power/validity or not. I learned to understand my choices and why I make them. These are the tools that will help me change. These are the gifts that will help me move forward. And for all of this and more I am grateful." --Rebecca Molyneaux "This challenge has been so wonderful for me!! After having my 3 kids so back to back, my fitness kind of took a back burner even though I would try to get in here and there. But putting it back as a priority in my life has been what I needed and has made me a better person all around. I am so much more mentally and emotionally energized!! I even have lost 5 pounds but most importantly I just feel really good and the non fitness/diet challenges you have also given us have been really inspiring to me too!.... I feel so motivated and inspired to keep on going..it's a lifestyle that I am loving! :) --Julianne Ella "Thank you so much for putting this together...It was the motivation that I was looking for! I've found myself looking forward to working out, which is something that I didn't expect. I've also become so much more aware of what I am eating, and I am hopeful that I'll be able to continue making good choices all through the holidays!" --Sharon Gray