42 year old married mortgage underwriter goes from size 12-14 to 0-3!!

Submitted by: Mac Dodds

Mary's Success Story

Mary shares her transformation story in an interview. She is an amazing success and challenges me to stay one step ahead of her. Here are some of the quotes from her interview.
"You are my first trainer that I've worked out with that had me cut back on my cardio. THANK YOU!"

Q. What was the immediate result you received from our first personal training session together?

A. "For the first time in years I was looking forward to working out again. And I like that you gave me different programs so I could change my workouts daily."

Q.What secondary benefits did you derive, as a result of our personal training sessions?

A. "I was actually starting to lose weight and keep it off. I also felt so much stronger then I have for a long time. My pant size went from a 12-14 to a 0-3!!"

Q. What was the single biggest result or benefit you received from doing personal training with me?

A. "That I have lost around 40 lbs. and I have been able to keep it off for over 2 years now with doing the programs that you have set up for me. Today I’m 42 and I feel as strong and healthy as I did when I was in my 20’s if not better."

Q. What was your health and fitness life like before you started working with me?

A. Boring. I would do 1 hour of cardio 4 times a week and I would workout with weights if I had the time which usually did not happen.

Q. Specifically, what challenges did you face?

A. I would drop 1 -2 lbs. a week and gain it and sometimes more back over the weekend. This went on for over 5 years and I was about to give up since I figured I could never lose the weight."

Thanks for sharing Mary! You deserve everything you've achieved! - Mac