40 and out of shape.

Submitted by: Thomas Yellow Eyes

Todd's Success Story

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing to recommend the personal training expertise if Thomas Yellow Eyes. I joined the gym in October and thought having someone as a personal trainer might help me get into better shape. I wasn't sure what to expect but after my initial consultation with Thomas it was very apparent that i was out of shape. I am 40 years old and my body fat percentage was 39%! I knew I wasn't in the best shape but couldn't believe it was that much. Thomas created a plan to start with cardio to reduce fat as well as to strengthen my "core". He was also able to identify areas that were my weakest (legs) and we began to work on ways to stregnthen them as well as the rest of my body.

After only 4 weeks of training with Thomas, I could tell a dramatic difference. I felt stronger, I had dropped to 33% body fat, and my endurance improved. He recommended that I continued to work with him to help me even furthur. I wasn't sure I wanted to go the expense and commitment but after thinking about it, I decided to continue just to see. I am very happy that I did. Thomas began to use different phases of training like reactive, stabilization, and explosion all of which have been a huge benefit to my fitness.

It has been six months now since joining and my body fat is now down to 21%. I come in every day and do some kind of exercise each day using teqhniques that Thomas has taught me. I feel great and have more energy as a result.

Thomas is always focused on his client. When he is working with me he is always watching to make sure I get the most out of the exercise. He is also making sure I do it properly. I also noticed that he is the same way with all his clients. It is obvious he takes pride in what he does. He also takes it very seriously. He also does something a bit different every time so it never becomes tedious.

A person will not regret purchasing training from Thomas. I highly recommend they do so and to commit to a better health and fitness.