There became a point in my life that I realized that I had let everyone in my life define me. .except for me. In 2014 I decided I didn't like their definition, so I started to write me own. I started from the inside and worked my way out. After a detoxification of years of toxic self talk and toxic people in my life I found a new stronger me trapped inside an old emotional eating, exercise results expired worn down body. I knew of Emily's Bootcamp, but I (previous bodybuilder & fitness trainer) was afraid! Bootcamp sounded tough! My friend Lindsey kept encouraging me to get me to try it out. "You'll love it!" she said. Crazy girl! I thought. Then I heard of the "2014 Holiday Slim Down Challenge". As part of the new me I had started what I called a ,"Bucket List for Life". A list of anything I came across in life that puts fear in me. A challenge if you will. If I come across something I take a deep breath and say,"Let's do this!". So I signed up. From the moment I weighed in with Emily, walked into Bootcamp (introvert panic) with Nicki greeting me with a smile and Deb yelling over to me, "Amy you're in our group" with Jan by her side I have never felt so supported or fearless! I took on the menu, new food and exercises with the confidence I could and would get it done! Now I not only start every Bootcamp that way I start every morning that way! This is not the end for me. I've come too far in two short weeks. I will continue this journey with all my new family at Bootcamp. I learned a very valuable lesson these last few weeks. When you strengthen your body, you also strengthen your heart and your soul