She encouraged me to join the gym’s body challenge competition, which involved “clean eating.” I sheepishly said no the first time, making every excuse I could – I’d let the team down and was just too busy with work and a long commute to commit to ANYTHING. Fast forward a few months. She insisted I join the next competition and said if I followed the clean eating guidelines and continued my workout regimen, I would not fail. Her exact words were, “it would be impossible to fail.” That’s what I needed to hear to get out of my own way and regain my non-existent self confidence. After 14 months with Michelle’s guidance and nutritional coaching, and fully implementing the Diet Doc’s plan, I’ve lost 101 pounds and am now a size 2. She’s unapologetic and is what I needed to get a grip. She changed my life and if you’re ready, Fit Happens will change yours!