Wendy Nicholle Vigil

Santa Fe, NM 87501

I have always had a passion for fitness and health. This coupled with my trainer certification and continued education allows me to empower women to take better care of themselves. I will educate you and motivate you!

I will help you...
*Enjoy Exercise

*Improve Your Self- Esteem

*Design a Personalized Diet to Start Losing Weight and Keep it Off!!!!

*Create Strong and Lean Muscles

*Increase your Energy and Confidence

*Improve your Balance,Flexibility,Agility and Posture

*Increase/Maintain Bone Density

*Reduce Health Risks

Send me a message and let's get started TODAY!!!

Your Personal Trainer,

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About Me


  • Psychology

Certifications / Trainings

NCSF - Certified Personal Trainer Credential
Expires: Dec 31, 2013

CPR Certified

Professional Training institute
Agency Unavailable

AED Certified

Professional Training institute
Agency Unavailable

Liability Insurance

  • Sports and Fitness Insurance Corporation

Wendy's Locations

Santa Fe Spa

Santa Fe Spa
Santa Fe, NM 87501

One On One Bootcamp for Women

Outdoor Fitness
Santa Fe, NM 87501

Fun and Functional Fitness for Kids and Teens

Outdoor/Indoor Fitness
Santa Fe, NM 87501

Additional Information


$45.00 / hr, Monthly Packages: As low as $35 per session!!

Payment Methods

Cash , Personal Checks

Years Experience


Awards & Accomplishments

  • I consider all of my past and present client's improved health and wellness "Our" greatest accomplishments.

Languages Spoken

English , Spanish



3 Ratings

5.0 out of 5 Stars

  • by Ginger Richardson on Oct 27, 2010

    Suffice it to say that I am the least athletic person on this planet; I am so much in my head that I often walk into parking meters. It was only a life-threatening illness that led me to realize I had to be fit. Enter Wendy Vigil. Wendy is a complete professional--she knows her glutes and all of that. But MOST IMPORTANT she is empathetic and emotionally intelligent. She knows how to cajole you along with carrots and sticks and makes you stay on track. Over a year of working with Wendy I revisited my weight at 20 years old--no small feat. Also, I actually have well-defined arms--maybe not as good as Michelle Obama's, but for me, fantastic. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

  • by Casey Cox on Oct 25, 2010

    Wendy became not only a trainer to me, but a life-coach and friend as well! She pushed me way past where I would have pushed myself, which motivated me even more... I lost 25 lbs in less than five months with Wendy's guidance on nutrition as well as our 3x weekly work outs. Every session with Wendy is different and you can tell that she creates each work out with the individual in mind. Fitness is Wendy's life! She is enthusiastic, committed to being there for you, always educated on the latest-greatest health/fitness news, and your biggest cheerleader. I have worked out with other trainers in Santa Fe and I always got the impression that they would rather be somewhere else - half-present, letting me get away with being lazy... Wendy was the complete opposite and a refreshing change! Oh - and make sure to ask her to stretch you...amazing!

  • by Gretchen Overman on Oct 12, 2010

    I love working out with Wendy. She constantly changes up our routines so that they're never boring, and I always feel like I'm making progress. I love her combinations of cardio, weight lifting, stretching and yoga. She pays great attention to form, and I never feel like I'm doing too much or too little. Our work outs are always enjoyable because not only does she know what she's doing, she is very entertaining, and the time just flies by!