Valerie Silberman

Madison, WI 53706

With a lifelong interest in health and wellness, I made a jump into fitness. I started dancing at four years old and basically haven’t stopped moving since that young age. I enjoy utilizing all aspects fitness when working with people, as well as challenging clients using their individual strengths and their likes in the world. My workouts are creative where clients may see something new with every visit, but stay consistent with short and long term goals. Our bodies are meant to be physically active and anybody can exercise anytime, anywhere. Fitness education is a large component of the process... to dispel myths and make sure clients have a solid understanding of health and wellness. have an eclectic style of training which weighs heavily on consultation with the participant and professional colleagues when necessary. Workouts are tough, but fun and sometimes a little outside the box. To this end, I utilize such things as the Suspension systems, the Strongboard, the BOSU, the ViPR, various functional training tools, games and more. Helping people stay in shape, lose weight, recover from an injury, prevent injury and/or discovering they have muscle and then helping to develop them further is a great feeling! I truly enjoy assisting and educating people of all ages learn the ropes in fitness and getting them on the right track. I also enjoy the creativity that dynamic fitness allows. Sometimes it’s all about utilizing your own surroundings. When I’m not working one-on-one, you can find me leading small group fitness. I'm happy to answer any questions about one-one-one and small group!

Certifications & Degrees • ACE Certified Medical Exercise Specialist & Personal Trainer • Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology – Virginia Commonwealth University • Master’s of Education in Counseling – Virginia Commonwealth University • TRX (Total Resistance Exercise) Suspension Training Certified Trainer • ViPR (Vitality, Performance & Reconditioning) Certified Trainer •

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  • Bachelor's Degree, Bachelor of Science in Psychology, Virginia Commonwealth University
  • Master's Degree, Master of Education in Counseling, Virginia Commonwealth University

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  • by Geoff N on May 02, 2018

    I played various sports my entire youth and continue to play recreational sports in addition to other physical activities. I have also worked out in some form my whole life and also have a physically demanding job. Valerie found a significant weakness within just the first couple sessions that I never knew I had, which had apparently been holding me back from been as strong and balanced that I can be. This is elite training, not a cookie cutter program. She designs each session catered to your needs. What I most enjoy about what she has me doing is that every session is different and for me its focused on core and everyday life strength and flexibility. Another point is that she is always seeing when my form is poor or my breathing needs improvement, something I frequently don't realize in the moment. There's no way I can achieve on my own what Valerie is working on with me every session.

  • by C J on Aug 04, 2017

    Words alone cannot describe how phenomenal of a trainer and person Valerie Silberman is. Her passion for health and fitness is overflowing and her energy is contagious, motivating you to work to your fullest potential. I have trained with Val for over six years and taken countless of her group exercise classes, all of which have taught me how to lift, walk, run, and breathe correctly. When I started with Val, I struggled with self-esteem issues; she tailored my workouts to achieve specific goals, ultimately helping me find more peace within myself. All of her workouts are designed meticulously, often targeting more body parts than imaginable, and I am never left bored or unfulfilled by these plans or classes. It is rare to find a trainer so invested in her clients health and fitness goals, as well as her clients mental wellbeing, but Val genuinely does all of the above. Working with Val has changed my life--she is a superior role model and has helped me maintain a sense of balance.

  • by Lucy Jonas on Aug 03, 2017

    I recently picked up training with Val after returning from my freshman year at college! At the beginning of the summer I set goals with her- to build upper body strength, or as she would say, "get the girls to the ground" while executing push-ups. I am almost finished with my training before I head back to school and can honestly say that I have never felt stronger. She has taught me so much about working out and keeping my body healthy, but at the same time guided me with advice regarding growing up. Often you don't see trainers actually workout with their clients, however, Val is always up to breaking a sweat with me, making the workout so much more enjoyable. I am truly going to miss our weekly sessions and will continue to maintain contact with her. As they would say on yelp, 10 out of 10 definitely recommend training with Val!

  • by Maggie Sanazaro on Aug 03, 2017

    I started training with Val when I was pregnant with my 2nd child. I had always been very active, especially through school as I was on a competitive dance team, but struggled in my late twenties to lose weight after my first baby (I'd had undiagnosed late onset gestational diabetes and gained nearly 50 lbs). I bought a treadmill, ran regularly and did Pilates, but could not seem to lose the last 20 lbs. When I started with Val, she created specific workouts that were pregnancy safe but also catered toward my body's problem spots and I noticed immediate changes! I gained less than half the weight in my second pregnancy that I had in my first and my doctor was thrilled! I did have gestational diabetes again, but my doctor said that was very expected as it is a returning issue for over 65% of women. I started my postpartum workouts with Val as quickly as possible and was finally able to lose all the weight from both pregnancies and fit into clothes from college! I am now pregnant with my third child, have continued my Val workouts faithfully, and this time I am finally DIABETES FREE! I'm so very thankful to Val for her expertise, encouragement, and support. She knew what type of workouts my body needed to recover and reshape and made them not only individualized and effective, but also fun! I am so unbelievably happy with both the physical and medical changes in my body. I love and appreciate Val so much and can't recommend her highly enough!

  • by Chris Meyer on May 15, 2017

    Val has trained our daughters for the last several years. She has been a tremendous influence on them in more ways than one. Not only has she helped them build physical strength and avoid injury in soccer, she has also become a very close friend; helping them with high school and the difficulties/frustrations of the college decision-making process. We never could have envisioned the impact she would have on the girls when the workouts first started!!!! Not only will the girls continue to train with her for off-season conditioning programs throughout the summers of college, but their younger sister will begin training with her as well very soon.

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