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  • by User on Jan 07, 2012

    I started classes with Tory one year ago this month. I chose Tory because of her bio. She struggled with weight loss and overcame it. She also started running and has come a very long way. She was my inspiration to start running and thus I joined her running class. I have no regrets.
    Since then I have ran a few 5k's (even placing first, in my age group, once) a few 10k's, a 15 k and 10 Half Marathons. I am currently training for my first Full Marathon, in March 2012. I have already signed up for two more and anticipate more in the future. In the mean time we are doing our training runs.
    I have meet some awesome people and running peeps. We have at least one Half Marathon a month planned, working around our first marathon of course.
    This would not be possible without the guidance and friendship of Tory. She does so much for so many people. She will help us all, get across that finish line, for the first time. Then, she knows we're hooked.
    So, thank you Tory, for all you have done, to help guide us, teach us and befriend us. I couldn't ask for a better person for this position.
    Everyone involved with Journey Fitness are very positive, eager people. When surrounded by this how could we possibly go wrong. Looking forward to Tory's Boot-camps again. She will help get us and keep us in shape for all our future endeavors.
    Tory, thank you. You are an amazing person and I'm glad I have you in my life.
    I am a runner, and I will succeed! My dream of running a Marathon is on the horizon.

  • by Diana Colburn on Jan 07, 2012

    I first met Tory in January of 2011, as part of my internship to become a Certified Personal Trainer. After passing the tests, you have to intern with a gym, or personal trainer, and get 30 hours of hands-on training. I picked Tory, instead of a gym, because I was searching for someone with a story similar to mine-got into fitness late in life, lost a significant amout of weight, and has successfully kept it off, for years. A year later, I'm still there, learning things from her, and am working on running my first full marathon, after having ran 13 half marathons, last year. She also got me interested in triathlons, of which I did 3.
    My plan had been to get certified, and then, move on. A year later, I have found new best friends who I run with, swim with, bike with, kitsch with, and just hang out with. I never could've dreamed of this.
    Tory helps with tips, obviously, but, also nutrition, planning, coordinating, and holding your hand, if need be, to help you get across that line, whatever that line is. Tory truly is an inspiration, and is her own best advertisement.
    Try Tory, you won't regret it.

  • by Thomas Dormaier on Jan 07, 2012

    I have taken two running classes from Tory and attended her Boot Camp several times. All were an enjoyable and learning experience! I decided to start running again after a number of years of not running and had hit a wall at four miles and could not get past it. Decided to take here 5K class and was introduced to intervals, this in combination with strength training allowed me to not only cross the 4 mile boundary but to run a half-marathon at the end of last year.
    Once you meet her and read the story of where she came from you will realize that you too can get fit!

  • by Nancy Coe on Jan 07, 2012

    Tory walks the talk! She's been there, so she knows first hand how hard it can be to lose weight and start an active lifestyle, but when you meet her you won't be able to imagine her any other way! SHE is who the Energizer bunny was modeled after. :) If you're looking for a drill sergeant style trainer, keep looking! Tory will never yell at you or bark orders at you. She lets you know what she thinks you need to do, but it's up to you to do it. She will help and encourage you as needed. Tory has run about 70 marathons herself, so she certainly has the running experience/knowledge as well.

    I had never run before in my life and at age 54 wanted to start. My goal was to be able to do the Disney Half Marathon Sept 2011 with my daughter. Jan 2011, I started running Sat mornings with Tory's group "Journey Fitness"(JF). Not only did I fit in well with this group, and ran my first half marathon early---in April 2011, I have 3 new best friends. The people in JF are so positive and encouraging it is a fun and uplifting experience working out/running with them. As running peeps we continue to find new races to sign up for together, and set new goals as we challenge ourselves further.

    In Oct 2011, I completed my first FULL MARATHON with Tory's training assistance. She actually ran side by side with me! Where are you going to get that!?! It's amazing how she can help distract you from the miles you are doing! What an awesome experience. I fully intended to simply mark "run a marathon" off my list, but instead ended up signing up for two more to complete 3 within 90 days to make Marathon Maniac status! Now I plan to run till I'm 100!

  • by Amy Hayes on Jan 06, 2012

    Tory is what ever fitness professial should strive to be. Honest, caring, motivating and incredibly well-educated. Her well thought out and researched exercise plans and training come from having been through the experience of needing to lose weight herself. She never makes a client feel as if they can't achieve something and in fact, as help many clients become successful runners. She is knowledgable in nutrition, stretching, weight loss, muscle strengthening and cardiovascular exercise. Anyone who chooses to train with Tory is spending their hard earned dollar wisely!