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Tate Odell

Boston, MA 02110

Life is a sport. We are all athletes. Throughout life our bodies adapt and change according to the demands we place upon them. Discovering how your lifestyle affects your body now, and understanding what changes are needed for positive transformation, are the essential ingredients to an effective training program. You can do it. I will help.

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IDEA Member

About Me


  • BS, Exercise and Movement Science, University of Vermont

Certifications / Trainings

AAHF - Exercise Management of Chronic Diseases and Disabilities
FMS - FMS Certification
NASM - Corrective Exercise Specialist (CES)
brookbush - Human Movement Specialist
Pending Verification
NSCA - Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist
Expires: Dec 31, 2017

CPR Certified

American Red Cross

AED Certified

American Red Cross
Expires: Nov 16, 2016

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225 Franklin St.
Boston, MA 02110

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$0.00 / hr

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Awards & Accomplishments

  • Functional Movement Screen Level 1 Administer
  • Corrective Exercise Specialist
  • Strength & Conditioning Specialist

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11 Ratings

5.0 out of 5 Stars

  • by Danielle Chow on Jun 11, 2019

    Tate has made such a lasting impact on my health I am forever grateful. I approached Tate unsure of goals but knowing that actionable changes needed to be made to my general fitness. After 5 months working together I feel like Tate has made every minute efficient and effective.

    The workouts are always challenging and a great mix, were constantly changing things up. I leave every session feeling challenged beyond what I could do on my own or in a group fitness class. Tate has been able to pin point areas of my body that need particular strengthening which is awesome beyond the strength and total body workouts we do regularly.

    Another impactful area I have made great progress in with Tate's well-informed guidance is diet. As much as I have enjoyed the workouts that make me feel strong and empowered, I truly feel like the life style of thinking critically about food, reading labels, and eating mindfully has made an even greater impact. This is an area in particular where he absolutely shows a lot of integrity because it’s something he practices as well.

    Tate’s knowledge is vast and he is always continuing to educate himself on best practices and the latest articles and studies. Tate has a great personality. He is kind, keeps you on task during workouts but we always manage to have a laugh he is a great person to pass the time with during a workout.

    Thanks Tate!

  • by Gary Ewell on Oct 11, 2015

    I started with Tate last February and have found him to be both professional and personal. He has a sense of humor, provides advice on eating habits and is easily able to adjust exercises to fit my immediate aches, pains and sore muscles. I would recommend him to people at any level of fitness, including those needed remedial or corrective work. A true gentlemen and fitness expert>

  • by Hilary Bak on Feb 25, 2015

    I joined the YMCA in Burlington, VT after college looking for a great way to rid the extra college pounds and to look and feel my best as I embarked on my Nursing career.

    I previously thought that "losing weight" was to just jump on a treadmill and run and run and run. I was so bored and exercising was just not enjoyable. I felt that the time and energy I spent running was not giving me the results I was looking for. It was really discouraging.

    Tate, a college friend was working and the YMCA and asked me one day why I always just ran all the time. I guess I didnt have a good answer for him and told him that I was afraid of the machines. Tate then offered to work with me to become less afraid of the machines and to maximize my workouts.

    Tate has an exceptional knowledge base of fitness and exercise science. His time at the University of Vermont served him well. He first took the time to get to know me and how my body adapted to exercise because not everyone is the same. We talked about my goals and my target areas for improvement. Tate really inspired me with his positive attitude, I would even wake up at 6am to work with him! He is full of energy and can make you laugh all while conducting the training in a professional manner.

    Tate is really good at explaining, teaching and promoting healthy nutrition. He takes the time to explain why certain diets, cardio workouts, circuit machines, weights and core exercise can really boost optimal results. He incorporates all into his workouts, you are never bored and you are always sweating and smiling. He pays really close attention to body form and mechanics for two reasons, he knows that exercise positioning plays an integral role in effectiveness and he didnt want me to break my back! Which I greatly appreciate because I am currently a nurse who needs to employ body mechanics on a daily basis.

    Tate encourages and challenges his clients and strives for success. He truly cares about his clients satisfaction and that is his priority at work. He is good with men and women ranging from all ages. I wish Tate lived in Boston so that I could continue to work with him! To this day I still use his workouts and nutrition plans because they continue to be highly influential and effective for me - so awesome!

    He is patient, kind and not too bad to look at either :) truly the salt of the earth!

  • by Tim Lobes on Feb 01, 2015

    I was paired with Tate at the start of the summer and was hoping to focus on getting my core in order. This guy is levels beyond many of the trainers I've encountered in terms of education, intelligence, and the ability to push you until your form starts to fail. His knowledge of the profession and ability to answer questions someone has is incredible.

    Being a curious engineer, I want to know more about how everything works given what I'm doing and he doesn't disappoint in explaining it while keeping me going. The best part is, he isn't afraid to admit what he may not know.

    Not only that, he's a great guy overall and incredibly humble too. Can't give this guy enough praise. He'll make you work for it but you'll know exactly why you're training what you are for the goals you set.

  • by Joseph Farley on Jan 30, 2015

    Sometimes taking your fitness to the next level is not easy, which was the case for me. On the physical side there is pushing yourself through the “obstacles” and dealing with sore aching muscles. On the mental side there is fear, doubt and fighting the urge to quit especially if you’ve tried before and not had success. But sometimes taking your fitness to the next level a little luck and you find the right person (Tate Odell) to help you achieve goals you struggled to attain on your own. I trained with Tate the summer between high school and college. I really wanted to increase my vertical leap, get quicker, stronger and more agile, so I would excel at the collegiate level. Tate helped plant that seed in my head that I could be successful playing basketball at the collegiate level. Training with Tate helped me eliminate those doubts and fears and gave me the confidence I needed to bring my fitness to the next level, which in turn helped me be successful as a collegiate basketball player.

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