Sydney Stiles

My primary focus when training clients is functional training. I use a wide variety of training tools to help my clients reach their weight loss and fitness goals including (but certainly not limited to) the TRX, Rip trainer, medicine balls, battling rope, kettle bells, and stability ball.

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  • Bachelor's Degree, History, California State University, Northridge

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ACE - Certified Personal Trainer
Expires: 2023-05-31 07:00:00 UTC
ACE - Orthopedic Exercise Specialist
ACE - Orthopedic Exercise Specialist Program - 2.5 CECs
ACE - Weight Management Specialist Program - 2.5 CECs
ACE - Youth Fitness Specialist
ACE - Youth Fitness Specialist Program - 2.5 CECs

CPR Certified

American Red Cross
Agency Unavailable
Expires: 2022-05-16 07:00:00 UTC
American Heart Association
Expires: 2020-02-14 08:00:00 UTC

AED Certified

American Red Cross
Agency Unavailable
Expires: 2022-05-16 07:00:00 UTC
American Heart Saver
Expires: 2020-02-14 08:00:00 UTC

Liability Insurance

  • Lockton

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$50.00 / hr, Rates are dependent on training location and length of session.

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Cash , Credit Cards , Personal Checks

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2 Ratings

5.0 out of 5 Stars

  • by H Grove on Oct 26, 2013

    Sydney is an excellent trainer, and I recommend her highly. The level of professionalism she demonstrates is impressive, and I have found her service to be consistently outstanding.

    Before our first training session, Sydney completed a thorough intake session, learning not only about my physical history but also about my personal goals for training. She listened attentively, and every training session has been carefully aligned with my goals. I've been especially impressed with her skill in developing a progressive training routine that is challenging yet within my limits to accomplish. She incorporates a variety of activities in order to keep sessions interesting and to expand the challenge, and I have found the novelty of new activities very helpful. Perhaps most importantly for me, Sydney has an encouraging and supportive manner, and she makes the work of building strength and endurance both interesting and affirming. I consistently have looked forward to each session.

    As we have worked together, I have raised questions from time to time about topics such as physiology, training approaches, and age-related strength issues, and Sydney has demonstrated a considerable grasp of knowledge in these areas. It also has been common for her to research topics in greater depth and share with me what she's learned. She is a trainer who is strongly committed to her continuing professional development, evidenced not only by her independent research but also her pursuit of multiple certifications in order to ensure she is well prepared to work with a wide variety of audiences.

    Sydney approaches her work with a high degree of organization and responsiveness to her clients. Sessions begin and end on time; each day's routine is developed in writing in advance based on my progress during the previous session; and Sydney remains closely focused on my form and performance throughout each session, offering encouragement and helpful feedback. I have found her to be excellent in every respect and recommend her highly to others who are considering training as a helpful avenue to improving their fitness. She's really first rate.

    H. Grove

    Response by Sydney Stiles on Oct 30, 2013

    Thank you so much! I always look forward to our training sessions. You've made great progress in both strength and flexibility!

  • by Kathryn Callison on Oct 22, 2013

    I have stuggled with fibromyalgia for about 9 years (and was recently diagnosed with narcolepsy). On the worst days, I feel intensely like I have the pain and exhaustion that goes wiht the flu, thought the rest of me remains normal. I was fed up feeling poorly so often. My sister had been taking Sydney's small group training, and found her to be very effective in helping her reach her goals. The experts say that exercise is supposed to be the best thing you can do for the disorder(s) I have, but it's pretty hard to motivate yourself to work out when your body is screaming out in pain and all you want to do is take a nap. I was willing to trust that working out would be hard on my body at first, but then would make me feel better. I was nervous, a little bit skeptical, but hopeful.

    My 1st session with Sydney went smoothly, and she made me feel comfortable right away while doing a fitness assessment. She let me know that we would begin working out on the TRX at the next session. (I have become a HUGE fan of TRX). The first workout went great, which is not to say that I wasn't feeling it, I just instantly trusted that Sydney would push me to my limits, helping me exercise without risking my health or making me suffer a bad fibro flair. My instinct was right, I left feeling challened, but not discouraged. For the 1st time in a long time, I felt hope. Now that I have been working with Sydney for about a year, I can honestly say that my symptoms have improved tremendously. I know that it is the exercise too, because if I cheat and don't workout between traings, or skip an Energized Fitness session, I feel worse. (I've started to going to small group trainings too because Sydney makes them so fun!)

    An excellent side-effect of exercising to improve a medical condition is that you lose weight, gain muscle and confidence, and fell just all around better about yourself. Sydney was excellent at figuring out what my learning style is, and using that info to make sure I understood how to do the exercises safely and most effectively. When my clothes started fitting more loosly--I felt great; when friends started commenting on how much thinner and healthier I looked, I felt even more energized to stick with the routine (Sydney took her own time to create a workout for me to do on my own in between workouts with her). I am so thankful that Sydney has enabled me to feel better about myself externally while helping me solve the pervasive problem pain is in my life. I highly recommend Sydney at Energized Fitness' personal training services or small group training if you are committed to creating a better life for yourself therough fitness, whether your goal is to feel healthier, look better, or feel more confident, you will make progress with Energized Fitness' services.

    Sincerely and with gratitude,

    Kathryn Henning Callison

    Response by Sydney Stiles on Oct 25, 2013

    Thanks Katie! You've made great progress toward your goals, its a pleasure working with you!